Hunter Mountain Report


-- POW --   That was the word for the extended weekend!!!!!! We finally got some of the white gold.

Saturday was a sweet day, plenty of fresh blown and groomed runs to cruise. Speed was the key to fun. More speed = more fun! Crossover was definately the run of the day. Skiiers enjoyed the center while single planks kept to the right edge. NICE.

Sunday was another good day, the trails were in great shape. Once the weekend races were complete (congrats to the winners), racers had the sweet snow, top to bottom. But around 4PM, anticipation for the new snowfall began. All should have toasted the first snowfall (I did!)

Monday, Monday. Ahh yes, Monday. 12+ inches to start, another 3+ as the day went on. All I can say is SCHWEETE! The were freshies all day. Face shots all day. Thigh high wind drifts all day. And the extreem edges of the trail offered the finest goods to be had!

Hopefully this is just a taste of the winter we will have!

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A little somthing in the air this weekend.

The calm before the storm...

Where is that darn trail?

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