Hunter Mountain Report


The only thing for sure this season is that the weather can not, will not, and should not be predicted! Sunny and warm. Oops, Sunny and cold... Ok enough ranting.

Saturday was a nice sunny day with good temps. The whole mountain was a blast. 42nd Street was starting to show signs of life as a bump run! Lower K was scary but NICE. As for the big TV at the quad, thumbs down.

Sunday was foggy but good skiing. It was a great day for hero snow. Soft and sweet all around. Clairs was the "sweetie" of the day. No crowds anywhere on the mountain. About 5 snowboarders ripped huge GS turns down broadway all day. NICE.

Monday was weird, 2 inches on fresh ice. BUT then the guns started about 11AM. By 12, the mountain was really good. The temps fell all day, at 4PM it was about 14 degrees.

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A clear day's view of the mountain. Snowmaking rules!

Sunday visibility.

The Kicker.

Some other Images (click to enlarge)

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