Hunter Mountain Report


Great skiing weather this weekend! Sun and low winds lead the weekend weather. The mountain could not have scribed a better President's weekend in the marketing manual if they tried.

Friday (so I am told) was a great cruising day. Lots of fresh blown to ski all around (check out the pics below.)

Saturday and Sunday were sunny and warm. The crowds were out, especialy on Sunday. You had to really search for the short lift lines and play the human slalom all day long. The west side never really softened, but still offered decent skiing. The "florida" chair area's east facing snow was by far the best. The sun was high and bright, but it was not that hot. Racers was the sweet run of the weekend. It was absolutely the best it gets!

Monday was very crowded. The holiday skiiers were eating this one up. One more day of good sun and snow. All the trails were roughly the same as Sat & Sun, just more scraped.

Kudos to the Hunter Mountain Ski Patrol for some fine wreck handleing. Condolenses to all involved.

Wish for snow. Our staff weatherman says we have a few more chances!

Click on image for wallpaper.

Some soft stuff all around on Friday!

Thumbs down to the TV idea? There were soaps on last Monday :-(

People pestered for bumps. There Here! Freestyle.

Some other Images (click to enlarge)

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