Hunter Mountain Report


The return of cold weather brought some excellent conditions over the weekend! Much to the surprise of everyone, plenty-O-soft-stuff. The guns were humming and the sun shining all weekend!!!

Saturday was good day. Very edgeable. The place was empty, people must have worried about icy conditions. SHAME on them.

Sunday was also un-crowded. There were great soft bumps all over minya. The cliff sported softies as well. Boarders were goin' BIG of the rollers on Kenedy. Huge carves were available for the slicing on bleeker. (I love that trail!)

Monday was another nice one. Clairs opened late in the day with about 8 inches of man made. WOW. It was snowing at 4PM. Let's hope for some white magic this week.

Click on image for wallpaper.

Ahh! Carving up Bleeker Street.

A few fine ladies on racers.

Short line all weekend!

Some other Images (click to enlarge)

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