Hunter Mountain Report


Another great early season weekend at Hunter! Plenty of snow for fun on Saturday and the return of top to bottom skiing on Sunday. Snowmaking temps are back in range and off we go!!!!

Saturday started windy but calmed as the day grew on. The weather was very acceptable. Snow guns pelted you on Broadway and you could se tomorrows "future turns" being sprayed on Kennedy. Some scraped conditions but not to bad. Fun skiing in the guns on braodway.

Sunday was a fine day! Sun, fresh man-made, and slightly warmer temperatures made this a memorable one. The skiiers left of Broadway was sweet. Plenty of soft stuff and some small bumps for thos who crave them. What a good time!

Now let's see what Hunter Mtn can do for us for next weekend.... Snow is in the forcast.

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Just because.

Let the snowmaking begin! Saturday.

A "smooth" hellgate.

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