Hunter Mountain Report


OK. Snow, we have it! With cold temperatures for a few days strait snowmaking has become a reality.

Snowmaking and Mother Nature's natural provided a sweet carpet to ride all weekend. I will not comment on Thursday and Friday other than to say, "It sounded like all had a blast!" I was at K both days skiing a fresh 12 inches :-)

Saturday was a phenominal day! A true packed powder day. Just plenty of snow. Hunter did an amazing job opening trails. Minya, Lower Xover, the Belt, Cliff, and Ike. WOW!!! The temperature was mild compared to previous days making this a picture perfect day.

Sunday was bleeker. Not worse, Bleeker Street that is! What a sweet cruise all day. Snow guns provided a fresh blanket for the whole day. The rest of the mountain was getting a touch slick but the cold forcasted for the week ahead will allow recoating.

SORRY, not too many pix this week, I started working on the new "PowderVision" section of the site and grabbed some footage :-)!

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Just because.

Just because.

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