Hunter Mountain Report


December? Not that you would notice when your on the mountain. Snow building in the trees, good snowmaking coverage, and cold weather have prevailed. Thank Goodness!

Saturday was sweet. Fresh snow all over the mountain. Clairs was without a doubt the run. NICE. Cruisers were sweet too. Cliff had interesting whales that some of our "bump" powderhounds enjoyed. Fence line 44, na, it was not open?

Sunday was cloudy with some fast snow. Clairs was still good (but not the same.) My personal favorite was Hellgate "berm" - 42nd - Bleeker - Ike - to fence line Racers. :-) Around 2PM the snow picked up and we had a nice 3/4 inch velvet top to ski 'til 4:30!!!

Check the PH weather report, looks like we could have another sweet weekend coming!

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How nice is it to see this in December?!?! :-)

Clairs ruled.

Doeas Bleeker always have decent snow? (Yes.)

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