Hunter Mountain Report


Saturday was an interesting day at Hunter Mountain. The temperature was on the mild side, felt pretty damn warm compared to the weather we have been sliding/riding in. However with the warm weather came the fog. The whole upper 3/4 of the mountain was shrouded in fog. You could barely see 2 chairs in front of you. But for most Powder hounds it wasn't a problem because we just ski the trails from memory & hope for the best. Snow quality was excellent, very edgeable everything still open. The crowds were thin due to the fact most people shied away from the fog. Since I was on my Tele gear I did not venture over to the W, Side but I'm told fence line on 44 & under the chair were choice lines if you could see them.

The mountain received a little precip in the form of flurries, nothing substantial but a little dusting all the same. Temperature was a bit colder, visibility much better however the winds were picking up especially up top. The sun wanted to come out but lost the fight to the clouds. Clairs, Taylors, 44 very nice. Lower half of the mountain flat be great for some high speed cruising. Conditions still excellent. I'm told lower K bumps were good as well as Crossover. Snow quality still excellent all over the mountain. Crowds still thin by Hunter standards. All in all a good weekend.

Guest report by: Rob Roberts

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