Hunter Mountain Report


What a nice groomed cruiser weekend.

Saturday the trails started as packed powder but slowly went to the dreaded hard pack. Last weeks minor warm-up had a major effect on the trail snow surface. Not too bad yet. Plenty of good stuff to be had. Clairs below the nut was particularly sweet. Racers stayed nice all day. Ah, Lower K - NICE. It seems the ski school was doing something on Ike all weekend, I would call it ruining it!

Sunday was another rung on the ladder to hard pack. Not bad, but not ideal. With less crouds than Saturday, skiiers and boarders were ripping it up! Down the front is what I heard was the "nice" spot. If you missed the awesome snow gun filled runs down lower K on Suturday - This was the time! Early mournig runs were just short of incredible.

Outside the lines? Well let's just say that the depth is there but the quality has changed. VERY variable and as always, fun :-)

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