Hunter Mountain Report


Presidents Day Weekend

All I can say is it lived up to expectations. Friday was a beautiful sunny day with perfect groomed all over the mountain. Ike, the classic, broadway all sweet groomed. The rest of the hill was great!

Saturday and Sunday offered more quality groomers. Everything was plain old nice! The snow in the "not on trail" areas was good but needs a refresh. Monday, enter storm.

Monday, Monday, Monday woohoo! I was a little scared in the morning when at 8AM we only had about 4 inches. Well, it just kept comming. While we skiied, over a foot fell. Every run was a untracked powder run. The trees were AWESOME. Unreal almost. Check PowderVision for a complete visual on this. No pictures, too busy skiing.

Tuesday was a strange one. Apparently the snow changed near the morning and we had a 1/4 inch ice crust on top. (On top of 20+ inches!) The quad was down until after 10. Plenty of fresh runs if you did not mind bashing the shins (knees on tele). The real story on Tuesday was the BUMPS. Powder bumps! (Again check PowderVision.)

This was a rare Catskill weekend. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Fun, sun, IKE!

Where's tripine?

NICE! Now that is a groooomer.

Another pow day.       Sweeeeeeet!!!!

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