Hunter Mountain Report


Friday(mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sun...) -- Alexa and I couldn't make it up for the blizzard - from all accounts, Monday was epic...

We cruised up to ski Friday; Hoping to get some turns in while the sun was still shining. And the sun did shine - all day! The mountain was in great "spring form". I hadn't really had a day on trail since before the New Year so I was actually kind of exploring. My favorite trails of the day we're 44 and Lower Taylors. They both had lots of chopped POW crud which I really was having fun with. I was trying to push my speed to use momentum to get deep carves out of the crud piles... It worked much of the times. Other times it sent me straight across the fall line - my ass almost touching the snow... Not good. The rest of the mountain had weird bumps on it. Enjoyed some cruising on Way Out. It was groomed flat and fast. Racers was sweet right up against the trees on the right hand side..

Saturday(rain): -- Not bad rain Saturday. Got out at 8:45 expecting a deluge but it really wasn't that bad at all. Anybody who's been on the hill a lot knows that conditions during rain are amazing! If you can stay semi-dry your in for a treat - And it was a treat. Nobody was out so I found myself "top to bottoming" on HBK. Stuff was groomed flat and you cold throw a carve just about anywhere... The sweet crud from the previous day was setup like a bowling pin... And getting knocked down was getting to wear thin.. (Sorry Jerry).... Stayed off any potential crud fields.... But did manage to hit Upper Mossy. Which was actually KINDA nice. It made me realize how epic Monday truly must've been. Every once and a while I'd hit a DEEEEEP drift. Like almost waist deep, wet and sloppy.. Not a pleasant experience. Again - speed is the key for me in this kind of slop. Good day overall!!

Sunday... -- Pouring early - went home.... Bet it was nice!

Report by: Doug

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