Hunter Mountain Report


OK, my teeth are still chattering (at least that's what the Every else said :-).

Saturday was a solid spring skiing day. The bumpmasters have been waiting for this. Sunny, not too warm, not too crowded... It was just right for HUGE carves anywhere on the mountain you wanted. The front side is where it was at. I'm told clairs never really got very good. As for the "other" regions, that depended greatly on elveation and exposure. Conditions there ran the gauntlet from extremely tough to quite nice. Good luck!

Now to the teeth rattle I left you hanging on at the top of the report. Sunday was a replica of Saturday, frozen solid. One person told me they were supprised to ski the courderoy at 11:30 on lower crossever, howerver it could last forever as hard as it was! Many skiers called it at lunch.

On the up side, I skied a very sweet creme on crust near Hunter for a wonderful afternoon.

Get out and enjoy it!

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Waiting for our wonderful ride! Sorry, no more details.

Where is that old shed anyway?

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